Open Competition Results

Home of Dublin’s Only Island Green
Corrstown Golf Club

Ladies Open – 3 Lady Team

Tuesday 24th September 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stEcho TongElmgreen20
Gillian PoonSt Annes23
Julia ZhawHeadfort2860pts
2ndPhil KeaneRoganstown20
Michelle DehaeneRoganstown23
Jane O'SheaRoganstown1458pts
3rdRita MoloneyEdenderry13
Maura MooreEdenderry18
Miriam MaloneEdenderry757pts

Open Back Stakes Final

Sunday 25th August 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stColm LynchCorrstown871
2ndJoseph MaherCorrstown1272
3rdAlan DohertyCorrstown173
Gross Prize
1stAlan DohertyCorrstown74
2ndBreffni ConatyCorrstown77
3rdDarren McCormackRoganstown78

Corrstown Back Stakes Leaderboard after 4 Rounds

Wednesday 31st July, 2019

Corrstown Back Stakes 2019
Gross LeaderboardNett Leaderboard
1Costigan, Mr GrahamCorrstown Golf Club937872753181Costigan, Mr GrahamCorrstown Golf Club87716670294
2Higgins Paul P MrCorrstown Golf Club918280753282Higgins Paul P MrCorrstown Golf Club85757368301
3Kavanagh, SenanAway7872742243Heaney Sean S MrCorrstown Golf Club707371214
4Doherty Alan A MrCorrstown Golf Club7572802274Kavanagh, SenanAway736972214
5O'Connor Christopher C MrCorrstown Golf Club8373722285Manning Conor C MrCorrstown Golf Club817464219
6Heaney Sean S MrCorrstown Golf Club7981802406Lynch Colm C MrCorrstown Golf Club807274226
7Manning Conor C MrCorrstown Golf Club8982712427Doherty Alan A MrCorrstown Golf Club757280227
8Davis Jason J MrCorrstown Golf Club7883862478O'Connor Christopher C MrCorrstown Golf Club837372228
9Lynch Colm C MrCorrstown Golf Club8780822499McCarthy Brendan B MrCorrstown Golf Club797875232
10Beresford Jonathan J MrCorrstown Golf Club89838125310Sheils Conor C MrCorrstown Golf Club767582233
11Bennett John J MrCorrstown Golf Club79918425411Cleary Daniel D MrCorrstown Golf Club847872234
12McCarthy Brendan B MrCorrstown Golf Club88878526012Beresford Jonathan J MrCorrstown Golf Club837775235
13Sheils Conor C MrCorrstown Golf Club86859226313Davis Jason J MrCorrstown Golf Club747982235
14Doherty Ryan R MrCorrstown Golf Club95829026714Doherty Ryan R MrCorrstown Golf Club857281238
15Cleary Daniel D MrCorrstown Golf Club96898326815Bennett John J MrCorrstown Golf Club748679239
16Mccormack Darren DRoganstown Golf and Country Club717314416Reilly, Eoin6672138
17Kennedy, RobertThe Island Golf Club737214517Kennedy, RobertThe Island Golf Club7069139
18Reilly, Eoin707514518McCarthy, ColinAway7665141
19O'Dwyer Luke L MrForrest Little Golf Club747214619Keogh, Damien7172143
20Kiernan Allan A MrForrest Little Golf Club786914720O'Dwyer Luke L MrForrest Little Golf Club7271143
21Conaty Breffni B MrCorrstown Golf Club817215321Kiernan Allan A MrForrest Little Golf Club7768145
22Keogh, Damien767715322Grogan Sean S MrCorrstown Golf Club7769146
23McCarthy, ColinAway787515323duffy lee LForrest Little Golf Club7770147
24Branagan Luke L MrCorrstown Golf Club777715424Branagan Luke L MrCorrstown Golf Club7474148
25Lenagh, Stephen788015825Lenagh, Stephen7375148
26duffy lee LForrest Little Golf Club837615926Mccormack Darren DRoganstown Golf and Country Club7375148
27O'Carroll, Eoin758415927Conaty Breffni B MrCorrstown Golf Club7970149
28Grogan Sean S MrCorrstown Golf Club867716328O'Carroll, Eoin7178149
29Lehane Peter P MrCorrstown Golf Club877716429Lehane Peter P MrCorrstown Golf Club8171152
30Bissett Robert R MrCorrstown Golf Club858717230Maher Joseph J MrCorrstown Golf Club7874NR152
31Maher Joseph J MrCorrstown Golf Club8985NR17431Bissett Robert R MrCorrstown Golf Club7678154
32Jesson, AdamCorrstown948618032Jesson, AdamCorrstown8577162
33Mahoney Edward E MrCorrstown Golf Club949018433Mahoney Edward E MrCorrstown Golf Club8379162
34Broe, Mr SeanForrest Little Golf Club696934Broe, Mr SeanForrest Little Golf Club6868
35blake jack JThe Island Golf Club707035Cunningham, Shane7070
36McCabe AJ AThe Links Portmarnock Hotel717136blake jack JThe Island Golf Club7171
37Murray Pat P MrClontarf Golf Club717137Cumiskey, StephemThe Island Golf Club7171
38Cullen Gary G MrThe Links Portmarnock Hotel727238Denis, AndrewAway7171
39Hanney Joe JThe Island Golf Club727239Gallagher, Mr MarkCorrstown Golf Club7171
40Kiernan Karl KForrest Little Golf Club727240Hanney Joe JThe Island Golf Club7171
41McGloughlin Kenneth KRoyal Tara Golf Club737341Hayes, C.Corrstown7171
42Mulhall Marty M MrRoyal Tara Golf Club737342Keogh Paul P MrCorrstown Golf Club7171
43Conaty Cathal C MrRoyal Dublin Golf Club747443McAufield, SeanArdee Golf Club7171
44McCabe, JoshuaAway747444McGloughlin Kenneth KRoyal Tara Golf Club7171
45Honer, KyleRoganstown Golf and Country Club757545Mulhall Marty M MrRoyal Tara Golf Club7171
46Keogh Paul P MrCorrstown Golf Club757546Honer, KyleRoganstown Golf and Country Club7272
47McAufield, SeanArdee Golf Club767647Kiernan Karl KForrest Little Golf Club7272
48Cunningham, Shane777748McCabe AJ AThe Links Portmarnock Hotel7272
49Denis, AndrewAway777749Conaty Cathal C MrRoyal Dublin Golf Club7373
50O'Brien Eoin E MrClontarf Golf Club777750Murray Pat P MrClontarf Golf Club7373
51Cullen Chris C MrBeaverston Golf Club787851Oreilly Stephen SRoganstown Golf and Country Club7373
52cully Liam LSt Anne's Golf Club787852Rock, KillianSt. Annes7373
53Cumiskey, StephemThe Island Golf Club787853Watts, ShaunAway7373
54Dowling Sean SThe Island Golf Club797954Butterly, John7474
55Honer, KeeneRoganstown Golf and Country Club797955Kennedy Sean SBlack Bush Golf Club7474
56Kennedy Sean SBlack Bush Golf Club797956KENNY, JOSHUACorrstown Golf Club7474
57KENNY, JOSHUACorrstown Golf Club797957McCabe, JoshuaAway7474
58Oreilly Stephen SRoganstown Golf and Country Club797958REYNOLDS, IANCorrstown Golf Club7474
59Butterly, John808059Berrill Joseph J MrCorrstown Golf Club7575
60Doyle Jamie JForrest Little Golf Club808060Costigan, JohnCorrstown7575
61Foley, OisinAway808061Cullen Gary G MrThe Links Portmarnock Hotel7575
62Kane, PeterAway808062cully Liam LSt Anne's Golf Club7575
63Rock, KillianSt. Annes808063Foley, OisinAway7575
64Berrill Joseph J MrCorrstown Golf Club818164Lennon, J.Corrstown7575
65Burke Derek D MrCorrstown Golf Club818165Cullen Chris C MrBeaverston Golf Club7676
66Quinn jonathan JThe Island Golf Club818166Doyle Jamie JForrest Little Golf Club7676
67, DavidAway828267Dowling Sean SThe Island Golf Club7777
68Lennon, J.Corrstown828268Honer, KeeneRoganstown Golf and Country Club7777
69Gallagher, Mr MarkCorrstown Golf Club838369McCrea, Barry7777
70Hayes, C.Corrstown838370O'Carroll Paul P MrCorrstown Golf Club7777
71O'Carroll Paul P MrCorrstown Golf Club838371Purcell, SimonAway7777
72REYNOLDS, IANCorrstown Golf Club838372Robinson, DavidCorrstown7777
73Purcell, SimonAway848473Russell Joe J MrCorrstown Golf Club7777
74Russell Joe J MrCorrstown Golf Club848474Burke Derek D MrCorrstown Golf Club7878
75Chambers Michael M MrRoyal Dublin Golf Club858575Byrne Richard R MrCorrstown Golf Club7878
76Chaney Fran FSt Anne's Golf Club858576Kane, PeterAway7878
77McMackin, Mr AnthonyCorrstown Golf Club858577Mahony Michael M MrCorrstown Golf Club7878
78McGowan, BernardCorrstown868678McGowan, BernardCorrstown7878
79Barker Andrew A MrCorrstown Golf Club878779O'Brien Eoin E MrClontarf Golf Club7878
80Costigan, JohnCorrstown878780, DavidAway7979
81Grindel, Thomas878781Barker Andrew A MrCorrstown Golf Club7979
82Mahony Michael M MrCorrstown Golf Club878782McMackin, Mr AnthonyCorrstown Golf Club7979
83McCrea, Barry878783Chambers Michael M MrRoyal Dublin Golf Club8080
84Robinson, DavidCorrstown878784Grindel, Thomas8080
85Byrne Richard R MrCorrstown Golf Club888885Jesson, TomCorrstown8080
86Jesson, TomCorrstown898986McCarthy JJ JSt Anne's Golf Club8080
87Hussey Aidan A MrCorrstown Golf Club909087Quinn jonathan JThe Island Golf Club8080
88McCarthy JJ JSt Anne's Golf Club909088Chaney Fran FSt Anne's Golf Club8181
89Murray, MarkCorrstown909089Hussey Aidan A MrCorrstown Golf Club8181
90Mulvaney Robert R MrCorrstown Golf Club919190legget bob BCastleknock Golf Club8181
91Holland, JasonCorrstown929291Murray, MarkCorrstown8282
92legget bob BCastleknock Golf Club929292McGowan Bernard B MrCorrstown Golf Club8383
93McGowan Bernard B MrCorrstown Golf Club929293Holland, JasonCorrstown8484
94Walsh John J MrCorrstown Golf Club949494Mulvaney Robert R MrCorrstown Golf Club8585
95O'Connor, Martin959595O'Connor, Martin8585
96Bourne Ian I MrCorrstown Golf Club989896Walsh John J MrCorrstown Golf Club8686
97Hayes, CiaranCorrstown10010097Bourne Ian I MrCorrstown Golf Club8787
98Carey, BrianRoganstown098Hayes, CiaranCorrstown8888
99Coyne Graeme GCorballis Links Golf Club099Whelan Darren D MrCorrstown Golf Club9393
100Daly, B.Corrstown0100Carey, BrianRoganstown0
101Davis, B.Corrstown0101Coyne Graeme GCorballis Links Golf Club0
102Doolan, NoelCorrstown0102Daly, B.Corrstown0
103Finnerty, ColinThe Links Portmarnock HotelNR0103Davis, B.Corrstown0
104Gash Jonathon J MrCorrstown Golf Club0104Doolan, NoelCorrstown0
105grant john JThe Island Golf Club0105Finnerty, ColinThe Links Portmarnock HotelNR0
106Hayden, M.0106Gash Jonathon J MrCorrstown Golf Club0
107Hayden, S.Corrstown0107grant john JThe Island Golf Club0
108Hogan, ReeceCorrstown0108Hayden, M.0
109House, PeterNR0109Hayden, S.Corrstown0
110House, S.0110Hogan, ReeceCorrstown0
111Hussey, L.Corrstown0111House, PeterNR0
112Hutton Joseph J MrThe Island Golf ClubDQc0112House, S.0
113Kennedy Fergal FThe Island Golf Club0113Hussey, L.Corrstown0
114Kennedy Simon S MrRoyal Tara Golf Club0114Hutton Joseph J MrThe Island Golf ClubDQc0
115McCormack, Markisland0115Kennedy Fergal FThe Island Golf Club0
116Murray, DanielSt. Annes0116Kennedy Simon S MrRoyal Tara Golf Club0
117Power, JohnAway0117McCormack, Markisland0
118Reilly, CiaranAway0118Murray, DanielSt. Annes0
119Reynolds, MarkBray Golf Club0119Power, JohnAway0
120rogers, DeanForrest Little Golf Club0120Reilly, CiaranAway0
122Rogers, Dean0121Reynolds, MarkBray Golf Club0
123Russell, I.Corrstown0122rogers, DeanForrest Little Golf Club0
124Shanley, A.Corrstown0124Rogers, Dean0
125Trimble, StephenAway0125Russell, I.Corrstown0
126Vennard, EricSt Anne's Golf ClubNR0126Shanley, A.Corrstown0
127Walsh Declan D MrCorrstown Golf Club0127Trimble, StephenAway0
128Walsh, J.Corrstown0128Vennard, EricSt Anne's Golf ClubNR0
129Watts, ShaunAway0129Walsh Declan D MrCorrstown Golf Club0
130Whelan Darren D MrCorrstown Golf Club0130Walsh, J.Corrstown0
131White, E.0131White, E.0
White, R.0White, R.0

Ladies 3 Person Champagne Scramble

Tuesday 2nd July, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stDeirdre NolanCorrstown20
Nancy NooneForrest Little23
Fidelma RyanForrest Little2796pts
2ndMarion McGowanCorrstown28
Patricia McGowanCorrstown27
Anne RooneyCorrstown3291pts
3rdOrla ConatyCorrstown14
Dawn-Marie ConatyCorrstown8
Lily ConatyAshbourne2789pts

Mens Open Singles Stableford

Wednesday 26th June, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stStephen HouseCorrstown1241 (C/B)
2ndStephen HaydenCorrstown1641

Mens Open Back Stakes Series

Wednesday 26th June, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1st GrossJack BlakeThe Island+170
2nd GrossAJ McCabeThe Links Portmarnock+171
1st NettSean HeaneyCorrstown970
2nd NettKenneth McGloughlinRoyal Tara271

Mens Junior Scratch Cup

Sunday 23rd June, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stDaragh McIntyreKilleen Castle574
2ndPaul KeoghCorrstown575 (C/B)
3rdPhilip SmithMalahide577
Nett PrizePaul FitzgeraldCorrstown870

Mens Senior Scratch Cup

Sunday 23rd June, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stChristy O'ConnorCorrstown168
2ndShaun CarterRoyal Dublin172 (C/B)
3rdSean DownesRoyal Dublin072
Nett PrizeSean DowlingThe Island273 (C/B)


Open 4 Person Team Event

Monday 3rd June, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stMark KeoghCorrstown18
Linda KeoghCorrstown30
Stephen WalshCorrstown7
Pauline WalshCorrstown3795pts
2ndJim Harvey SnrCorrstown15
Jim Harvey JnrCorrstown11
Mark O'ReillyCorrstown13
Ernest McDonnellCorrstown1694pts

Mens Open Singles V-Par

Sunday 2nd June, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stAlan LaneCorrstown15+2 c/b
2ndDamian LenaghCorrstown14+2

Ladies Open Singles Stableford

Sunday 2nd June, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stSusan StauntonCorrstown1531pts

Mens Open Singles Stableford

Saturday 1st June, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stConor ShieldsCorrstown1141pts c/b
2ndDavid MorrowCorrstown1641pts c/b
3rdMark KearneyCorrstown1141pts
GrossDerek BurkeCorrstown34

Ladies Open Singles Stableford

Saturday 1st June, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stMary CartyCorrstown2435pts c/b
2ndYvonne BedfordCorrstown1735pts

Open 2 Person Team Event

Friday 31st May, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stEamon KearneyCorrstown16
Danny McLoughlinRathcore1651pts c/b
2ndStephen WalshCorrstown7
Pauline WalshCorrstown3751pts

Mens Open Seniors Stableford

Thursday 30th May, 2019

PlaceCategoryNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1st50-59Paul RyanCorrstown2135pts
2nd50-59Gary BurkeCorrstown1234pts
1st60-69Laurence BaconCorrstown2339pts
2nd60-69Joe DavenportCorrstown1936pts
1st70+Paddy KennyKileen2137pts
2nd70+Mick DooganCorrstown1936pts

Ladies Open Seniors Stableford

Thursday 30th May, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stOlga RogersCorrstown3641pts
2ndMarie HigginsCorrstown3030pts c/b

Mens Open 4 Man Team Event

Wednesday 29th May, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stJames LoweCorrstown14
Anthony LoweCorrstown12
William HoganCorrstown18
Nicky HubbardCorrstown1396pts
2ndSimon CroweCorrstown23
Conor BuggleCorrstown21
Jake O'KeeffeSt Margarets16
Dave McMahonCorrstown1592pts

Ladies Open 3 Lady Team Waltz

Tuesday 28th May, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stEcho TangElmgreen20
Gillian PoonSt Annes23
Wenjuan ZhaoHeadfort3074pts
2ndKathleen HuttonCorrstown22
Rita McNallyBalcarrick20
Berni HowardPortmarnock2372pts
3rdSusan StauntonCorrstown15
Brenda GraceCorrstown20
Clare O'MalleyCorrstown2271pts c/b

Ladies Open 2 Lady Team Event

Saturday 4th May, 2019

PlaceNameHome ClubH/CapScore
1stSusan StauntonCorrstown15
Jacinta LyonsRathfarnham21+150pts
2ndClem DevittCorrstown17
Fiona O'BrienCorrstown1749pts
GrossGeraldine ChambersCorrstown16
Sinead CurristanCorrstown1630pts