The Monday Game

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Full Terms:

  • Tournament is open to all players with a GUI Handicap.
  • The Entry fee is €100 per team of 2 players. This must be paid in advance of first outing. A club may enter more than 1 team if they wish (additinal cost of €100 per team).
  • This fee will cover entry into each of the qualifying events as well as the Grand Final on August 27th. Payment can be made over the phone on 01-840533 or in Corrstown Golf Club on the morning of Monday June 25th. Places are limited and will be offered on a first come first serve basis.
  • The event will run as a fourball better ball format. The top 3 Teams from each qualifying event will quaulify for the Grand Final on Monday August 27th.
  • Players must nominate the GAA Club that will receive the club prize, prior to the commencement of play on day 1. Members of the team must be from this GAA Club.
  • To compete in The Monday Game, all players must have handicap verification from their Golf Club.
  • Clubs may nominate different players for each qualifying event if they wish.
  • There will be daily prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  available at each outing.
  • A Competition Committee which will be responsible for the organisation and management of the tournament and the decisions of this committee will be final.
  • Matches shall be played in accordance with the current rules of golf, as approved by the R&A in conjunction with the local club rules. Local rules must be approved by the Competition Committee.
  • Full list of rules can be obtained from the Competition Committee.
  • The competition is open to players of amateur status only.
  • Grand Final Prize - A Free Golf Classic in 2019 (Includes Golf Only for up to 100 players. Additional players may be added at our classic rates). Requested date will be subject to availability Monday - Friday.

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